Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ways you can ensure that you recieve all my facebook updates

In the last couple weeks Facebook has released a new policy that basically says that they charge "Facebook Pages" such as "Saving for the Kingdom" to ensure that their ad's are posted in their fans Facebook Status updates. We all know that Facebook is a profitable business, so it is thier choice to do what they want with it. So if you have not been seeing all my update,s I  apologize. At this point, I'm not making any money from my website, so I really can't pay Facebook for ensuring  that my updates get listed in your status updates.

 A couple ways to ensure that you get the latest updates are to "Like" my updates, you can also comment on them or share them. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not very gifted with technical things, but God is helping me and I'm learning more. (I've finally got the hyperlink's down, that's a miracle in and of itself!) :P If there's any other tips you have please share them in the comments.

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