Friday, July 20, 2012

Awesome deal on Angel Soft at Food Lion

Update: The coupon is for  the double roll not the single roll.  The single roll is on sale with the promo. I apologize for my mistake. I was unaware that the sale was for the smaller size. I have removed the coupon from my scenario.

There's a great deal on Angel Soft Toilet Paper this week at Food Lion.

Here's the deal:
Angel Soft Toilet Paper is on sale for $1 this week at Food Lion for the 4 pk single roll
There is a promo right now on select items including Angel Soft
Buy 10 get $5 off instantly
That brings the total down to $5

That brings the total to $5 for 10 packs or 40 rolls of Toilet paper.

This is an awesome deal! The sale will be running until next Tuesday!

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