Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Target 70% off sale

I had a great time at Target last Thursday during their annual 70% toy clearance. I'm pretty much set for Sophie for Christmas this year, and I got a couple of nieces and nephews covered too.

All of it cost me about $70 dollars.

Here's a few highlights:

The big doll in the back ( isn't she precious) is a Layla play wonder doll.  My little girl Sophia is 4-1/2 and I fell in love with that doll when I saw it. She looks like an American girl doll, but those are wayyyyy out of our  budget. I was so thrilled to find this, she was originally $34,99, I got fer for $10.48.

I got some musical instruments
There were a bunch of recorders and harmonicas for .88. I also got a 3 in 1 music set with a guitar, drum set, and keyboard for $6. I also got a disney princess mini cd player that plays disney songs. ( Can you tell she loves music?)
I got here a couple of Polly Pocket items, there was a coupon that's no longer available for $5/2
I got a couple Leap Frog Tag books, they were $4.98, and Target.com recently had a coupon for $5/1 Leap Frog tag items, books were included. So I got those for free!!
Anyways did anyone else make it to the clearance sale? What did you find?

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