Monday, June 11, 2012

Walgreen's Prescription Gift Card offer

Great news!! There's a prescription gift card offer on Walgreen' . When you transfer a prescription online you can receive a free $25 gift card.  I just transferred two for my husband so we now have $50 in prescription gift cards. These can be used in conjunction with the awesome deals in their rewards program.

Here are the steps that I followed to get mine :
Go to Walgreen' near the top of the screen you will see the offer of a $25 gift card when you transfer.

Transfer each prescription. I made each one a separate order to ensure that I got both gift card coupons.

After the order is submitted, print the receipt. There will also be a link to a coupon for a $25 Gift card. In my case I printed two receipts and two coupons.

Take the coupon and receipt into Walgreen's and they will give you your $25 gift cards. I do mine in separate transactions if I have more than one to transfer.

When I first started couponing 3 years ago, these offers were very common. There were always offers from Rite Aid, Target, and Walgreen's as well. CVS honors competitors pharmacy gift card offers.These kinds of offers are pretty rare now. So if you have prescriptions, why not make money on them :)

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