Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Menu Plan for Wendnesday 8/29

Here's the menu for today. Menu planning doesn't have to be complicated, it has really simplified things for me so I know how to plan for the week.


I've been straightening the house up the morning, and I forgot about eating breakfast. ;P

1 egg  - a dozen were about $2
1 bowl of cheerios -  the box was $1

Sophie ( I pack her a breakfast, lunch, and snack  for school)

1 yogurt .45
1 rainsins 1 large canister was $2.00, there's over 10 servings in the canister
1 juice .18


Greek Yogurt .50
Tuna Sandwich (.89) with celery( $1.40 for a package of celery hearts)  on whole wheat $2.00 for a loaf 

2 Hot Dogs $1
Hot Dog Rolls .25
1 Ritz Crackerfulls box was $1

1 bag of Quaker Quakes $1.25

1 uncrustables .40
ziplock bag of Cheez crackers - box was $1
1 fruit snack .10
1 box juice .18

Sophie Snack
 1 ziplock bag of teddy grahams - box was $1


Breakfast for Dinner
Pancakes - given to us by my mother in law
waffles - about $1 for a pack

Frozen veggies
cereal - $1 for the box
peanut butter sandwiches $2 for loaf of bread, $1.50 for jar of peanut butter
snackwells 100 calorie pack .20

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