Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shopping trip 8/10

Picture of my trip last night $67.33 groceries, a few other things we budget under different categories, ex dining for a pizza we got for after church tomorrow, and gifts that we got for other people as well.  I'm following the Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan so I bought lots of protein and veggies.

Walmart :
Blueberries 1.75
5 Great Value Tuna .68 ea
Great Value Yogurt 2.18
Great Value Cheese 2.28
4 Bic Razors FREE
Mini Lofthouse Cookies .98 I got a coupon for my birthday
2 Yoplait Greek Yogurts $2.03
1 Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt $2.78
Total after sales and coupons $18.33

2 Glade Expression Fragrance Mist Starter kit FREE
onion .89
Crystal Light Pure with Stevia $2.04
Oscar Mayer Selects Lunchmeat preservative free $3.60, I had a coupon from a recent Facebook promo for up to $6.50 off. The coupon took off the full amount when scanned. This is called overage which makes your total bill lower. It's something that's always nice, but I never expect it.
2 Hormel Narural Choice at $2.79
1 Ziplock at 1.89
-$2 when you buy Hormel and Ziplock $5.67 for all three
 Up Saline $3.69
Market Pantry Pizza $4.69 I was thinking they were the same price as last week when I got two for four. I make mistakes sometimes. $4 for a pizza isn't that bad I guess. (I got a second one for under our dining budget)
2 Annies Macaroni and Cheese $1.50
I got some school supply stuff too, that I'll devote a second post to.
Bounty 2 pack for FREE (I had a coupon because a previous roll I got wasn't tearing off and was ripping. If you ever have a problem with
a product, contact the manufacturer and they may send you a coupon as well.)
Total at Target for groceries about $15

Gevalia Kaffe :$5.99 buy One Get One free 12 oz bag up to $6.98 Coupon took of $6.98. Each bag was $2.50, one bag was for groceries the other for Gifts
Jiff Peanut Butter $2.50 (A staple at our house)
Bumble Bee tuna .50 with a coupon for .50 off I got in the mail
snacks $3.67
Giant Brand Cereal, $2.00l, I loaded a coupon on to my card for $1 off but I don't think it came off
Cinnamon applesauce 1.50
Romaine Hearts Buy One Get one Free
Strawberries Buy One Get one Free
Grape Tomatoes Buy One Get one Free
2 boxes of Popsicles $1.00 ea
Dutch Country Bread Buy One Get one Free
Giant Milk $2.79

Total at Martin's about $34

Weekly total $67.33

I was really excited about all the great deals on fresh produce, healthy lunch meat, and Greek yogurt this week. What are your favorite deals?

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